100thousand tons of PS of the hottest spring port

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Quangang ocean 100000 tons PS put into production

recently, the annual output value can reach 7. The experimental speed: 5 mm/min. The 100000 tons of polystyrene (PS) of Quangang ocean in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province has been successfully put into trial production. Relevant people predict that Quangang District is constantly gathering "petrochemical" money and talents from all over the world with a natural harbor and a good investment soft environment. From quantitative change to qualitative change, a world-class petrochemical base will appear in Quangang in less than five years

it is reported that Quangang ocean 100000 tons of polystyrene (PS) is a new chemical material project jointly built by Hong Kong s.o.e and Shantou ocean first polystyrene resin Co., Ltd. in Quangang. Its completion and operation fill the gap of such products in Fujian Province, and will drive the development of a large number of related industries in Fujian plastic processing industry, such as electronic appliances, toys, computer and color TV shells, refrigerator plates, decorative building materials and so on. S. O.E group plans to invest 4billion yuan in Quangang District to build a marine chemical base integrating polystyrene, styrene, polycarbonate and other products. In addition to selecting high nickel lines

In recent years, relying on Fujian Refining and chemical company, which processes 4million tons of crude oil annually, Quangang District has introduced and constructed a number of petrochemical projects with more than 100 million yuan, such as Meizhou Bay chlor alkali, Huaxing Petrochemical and Jingtai industry, forming a petrochemical industry chain group integrating oil refining, polypropylene, caustic soda and polystyrene. Last year, the output value of petrochemical industry was 7.53 billion yuan. At the same time, a group of petrochemical talents from all over the country and the world gathered in yunjuquan port area

at present, 12 petrochemical projects with more than 10 million US dollars, such as vinyl acetate and polyurethane, have been signed. 13 world-class petrochemical enterprises, such as Degussa, Wacker and Kohler, are now chopping and grinding them into small pieces or particles for investigation and negotiation. ADM and Exxon, two of the world's top 500 enterprises, are stationed and are about to settle down. The total investment planned for industrial projects in the region has exceeded 60billion yuan

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