60 years of hard work

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Forge ahead for 60 years

unite as one and focus on power conservation

-- power conservation documentary of "60 Daqing in the autonomous region" of Ningxia electric power in China

Guo Wenying, correspondent of China electric power, Du Kailun, Zhang Shaohua

flowers are like a sea and songs are like a tide. On the afternoon of September 20, the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region was grandly held in Helan Mountain stadium. At this time, on the periphery of the important power maintenance site, the staff of Ningxia Electric Power Co., Ltd. must first take the resource-saving development path, and stand by on a 10 kV line outside the venue, making every effort to ensure that every link of the safe power supply of the "60 Daqing autonomous region" literary and artistic performance activities is "safe"

command ahead, carefully arrange and deploy

in order to ensure the smooth progress of the activities of the "60 Daqing in the autonomous region", Ningxia Electric Power Co., Ltd. carefully organized and established a leading group headed by the chairman and the Secretary of the Party committee and nine professional support groups, formed a strict support system and work pattern, and organized and held a special safety committee and the "60 Daqing in the autonomous region" power protection mobilization meeting, Establish the power protection principle of "fully protect Yinchuan, protect the core of Yinchuan, protect important places everywhere, and spare no effort to ensure stable operation", and comprehensively deploy the power protection work. The main person in charge of Ningxia electric power went to important power protection places for inspection and guidance for 18 times, and timely coordinated and solved the difficulties and problems existing in power protection work. All departments and units strictly implement safety, carry out comprehensive and all-round supervision and inspection on all power protection sites, and organize 1760 live line inspections such as infrared and ultrasonic partial discharge for 46 important power protection places, 70 important substations and 214 important power transmission and distribution lines, and eliminate 1033 defects of all kinds

at every electricity protection site, Communist Party members always stick to the front line of electricity protection work and give full play to the exemplary leading role of Party members. Members wearing red vests of the "communist party service team" shuttle around the electricity protection site. Despite the hard work and mosquito bites in recent days, they stick to the forefront of outdoor electricity protection sites day and night. Their efforts have won high praise from leaders at all levels of local governments, It shows the good brand image of "national power"

careful service to ensure safety

in an underground power distribution room, an important power maintenance venue of "60 Daqing in the autonomous region", Zhang Lei, director of the marketing department of Yinchuan Power Supply Company, arranged specific power maintenance work on site, While introducing: "After repeated research, we have continuously strengthened the organization, command and coordination of the electricity protection work in Daqing in the past 60 years. In strict accordance with the spirit of the instructions of Ningxia electric power for the electricity protection work, we have carefully prepared the electricity protection plan, refined and clarified the tasks; facing the electricity protection task today and tomorrow, we actively selected professional and technical personnel in power supply and consumption as early as a month ago to assist the user side in completing the preparation The safety inspection of power supply automatic switching equipment and uninterruptible power supply equipment and the rectification of hidden dangers of power consumption safety, so as to ensure that important power customers have no worries about the safe use of electricity! "

"The Communist Party commando specially organized by our Party branch played an exemplary and leading role in showing the good spirit of the 'plug power communist party service team'. Party members always rushed to the front of the power maintenance and power maintenance work site, let the party flag fly high and the party emblem shine, fully displayed the good brand image of the high-quality service of 'capital power supply', and fulfilled the and mission of a qualified Communist Party member with practical actions! ”Chen Na, Secretary of the Party branch of Helan county power supply company, said in an interview at the important power maintenance work site

it is reported that for the important users of electricity protection, Ningxia electric power has strengthened the guarantee investment, completed the power supply transformation of four important users in Yinchuan area, and comprehensively improved the reliability of power supply. During the power guarantee period, each unit dispatched 7735 power supply support personnel, 1905 power supply support vehicles, and 112 emergency power generation vehicles and power supply vehicles. 283 power protection garrisons are on duty 24 hours a day, and they are constantly patrolling and caring for important places, important customers and key station lines throughout the whole process

strong guarantee lights up the Pearl on the plug

during the accompanying inspection of the 110 kV underground cable shaft, it is noted that the power protection staff at each inspection point maintain high morale, and it is difficult to imagine that they have been patrolling the boring and intense power protection work for more than 20 days. It is also learned that the security team has increased the power protection and duty force every day, from 4 to 8, and the inspection density has also been greatly increased. It also arranges special personnel to watch the 220 kV to 110 kV high-voltage transmission lines for 24 hours

in the face of the author's interview with the person in charge of on-site electricity protection Li Tiejun, deputy director of the transportation inspection room, said: "our cable safety inspection staff are standing in a narrow and low cable well, humid and muggy, surrounded by 'biting' angle iron, and the sludge under their feet is steaming with a pungent odor. It's all false to say it's not bitter, but thinking of a small hidden danger may have a negative impact on the power supply and this power protection work. No matter how hard it is, we must persist!"

"thank the power supply department for blocking the valves and oil circuits and possible vibration of the machine! Your work is well prepared, measures are in place, and support is strong. Thank you for your strong support and assistance, and we are very satisfied with your power protection work!" Liguohui, the relevant person in charge of an important electricity protection venue, firmly held the hands of Zhang Pengcheng and Wang Hongquan, the staff participating in the electricity protection on site

at every power maintenance site, the front-line employees participating in power maintenance work are full of fighting spirit, Everyone said, "for this power protection, we have made careful deployment and full preparation, and we will never live up to the great trust of the Party committee and government of the autonomous region and the leaders of Ningxia electric power at all levels, live up to our mission, stick to our posts, strictly observe discipline, fight a decisive battle and win a decisive victory, and resolutely complete this' tough battle 'for power protection! Ensure that the power protection work of the' 60th Daqing of the autonomous region 'is foolproof!"

on September 22, with the end of the 60 Daqing series celebrations in the autonomous region, Ningxia electric power successfully completed the 60 Daqing power maintenance task in the autonomous region. During the power guarantee period, Ningxia Electric Power Co., Ltd. was fully connected and operated with full protection, without large-scale power outage, power stability damage and dispatching accidents, and fully achieved the power guarantee goal of "zero equipment failure, zero customer flicker, zero work error and zero service complaint". The comprehensive, safe, efficient and high-quality electricity protection work has won high praise and full affirmation from relevant departments and leaders of the autonomous region and Yinchuan municipal government

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