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New products come out one after another! 5g chip has entered the era of "five countries competing for hegemony"

although affected by the COVID-19, the heat of 5g chip market remains high. In these two days, Qualcomm and Ziguang zhanrui have launched new 5g chips. In addition to these two companies, although affected by the COVID-19, the 5g chip market is still hot. In these two days, Qualcomm and Ziguang zhanrui have launched new 5g chips. In addition to these two companies, Huawei, Samsung and MediaTek have also released their own 5g chips, and these chips have been commercially available in intelligence

with the opening of 5g era and the increasingly positive situation of 5g business, 5g has become an important commercialization scene of 5g industry. For the development of 5g, 5g chip is the top priority. Therefore, it is reasonable that major chip manufacturers and manufacturers have increased 5g chips and rushed to launch new products

let's review the 5g chips newly released by the five giants


in May 2019, at the Taipei International Computer Exhibition, MediaTek released a new 5g mobile platform. It is reported that this multi-mode 5g system single chip (SOC) is manufactured by 7Nm process, with 5g modem Helio M70 built in, including arm's new cortex-a77 CPU, mali-g77 GPU and MediaTek's advanced independent AI processing unit APU. At the same time, it reduces the volume of the entire 5g chip, which can fully meet the power and performance requirements of 5g

according to the introduction, this 5g chip can be applied to the sub-6ghz band of 5g independent and non independent (SA/NSA) group architecture, supports connection technologies from 2G to 4G, and adopts energy-saving packaging. This design is superior to the solution of external 5g baseband chip, and can achieve higher transmission rate with lower power consumption


in September 2019, Samsung released the new AI mobile processor exynos 980. This processor is Samsung's first chip integrated with 5g baseband, using Samsung's 8nm process. Industry insiders predict that this chip is unlikely to be used by Samsung itself, and it is likely to be first used by a domestic manufacturer

in terms of architecture, exynos 980 is composed of two a77 large cores and six A55 small cores, with frequencies of 2.2GHz and 1.8GHz respectively. The GPU adopts the mali-g76 MP5. At present, the frequency is unknown. The built-in NPU and D are limited by the oil source flow and the host structure. In addition, the built-in 5g baseband of the 980 supports sub-6ghz, theoretically supports the maximum download speed of 2.55gbps, establishes an innovative value chain, and supports e-utra-nr dual connection and WiFi 6 standard


in September 2019, at the IFA in Berlin, Germany, Huawei released the 5g SOC chip Kirin 990, which integrates 5g and AI with very stable performance. It is reported that Kirin 990 chip adopts TSMC's 7 nm +euv (extreme ultraviolet lithography) process, which is an improved version of Kirin 980 chip, with more advanced process and stronger performance

in addition, Kirin 990 5g chip integrates Baron 5000 5g modem chip, which can be seen as the beginning of 5g SOC, which is of great help to control power consumption and improve performance. Most of the 5g chips previously sold on the market were traditional 4G Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. Jinan experimental machine factory chips plus 5g baseband plug-ins

Ziguang zhanrui

in February 2020, Ziguang zhanrui launched the new generation 5g SOC mobile platform Huben t7520 and the new aiot development platform. It is understood that Huben t7520 supports sub-6ghz band and nsa/sa dual-mode group, and supports 2G to 5g seven mode all pass. In SA mode, the downlink peak rate exceeds 3.25gbps

not only that, Huben t7520 also supports dual card dual 5g and EPS fall back, vonr HD voice and video calls. Huben t7520 adopts 6nm EUV process technology. Compared with the previous generation of 7Nm, the density of 6nm EUV transistors is increased by 18%, which will integrate more transistors in the unit area of the chip, reduce the power consumption of the chip by 8%, and provide longer battery life


in February 2020, Qualcomm launched the third generation 5g baseband chip Xiaolong X60, which is the world's first chip with a 5-nanometer process. Compared with the previous generation of Xiaolong x55 with a 7-nm process, the Xiaolong X60 has doubled the 5g peak rate. This chip has a high 5g band and needs to be compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G, which puts forward higher requirements for chip technology

it is reported that Xiaolong X60 is targeted at flagship intelligence and is expected to be officially launched in early 2021

summary: the continuous updating iteration of 5g chips will promote the accelerated popularization of 5g terminals such as 5g. At present, in addition to 5g, there are few other 5g terminal products in the market. It is expected that in the next three years, 5g new product updates will be further accelerated, and the replacement rate is expected to continue to rise. In addition, other 5g terminals will also be launched one after another, bringing a richer use experience to consumers

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