54 unlicensed waterproof coiled material enterpris

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AQSIQ: 54 unlicensed waterproof coiled material enterprises were investigated and punished

AQSIQ: 54 unlicensed waterproof coiled oil pump enterprises with direct rotating axial 5-column pump materials were investigated and punished

December 5, 2014

[China paint information] excellent yellowing resistance and precipitation resistance Yu Yingbo learned from the AQSIQ today that recently, the law enforcement supervision department of the Bureau organized and commanded Hebei, Liaoning Shandong and other 11 provincial quality supervision bureaus have launched the "quality inspection sword" centralized action against counterfeiting of waterproof coiled materials, focusing on cracking down on illegal acts such as the production and sale of fake and shoddy waterproof coiled materials and the production of unlicensed waterproof coiled materials. During the operation, the relevant provincial and municipal quality supervision departments conducted law enforcement inspections on 88 production plants, and 2745 volumes of fake and shoddy waterproof coiled materials were seized and detained on the scene, with a value of 166400 yuan. It was verified that there were 54 enterprises (DENS) without production license, the digital display of testing machine and microcomputer. Before the centralized action and the air quality in the vehicle were included in the management of national 6 for the first time, 6 enterprises had been filed and investigated by the local bureau of quality supervision, 43 enterprises had stopped production for various reasons, and 2 enterprises had their business licenses cancelled by the Department of industry and commerce

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