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Sany: 7 billionaires' factories on the list Forbes Sany: 7 billionaires' factories on the list Forbes

information on China's construction machinery. Baidu CEO Robin Lee followed closely with a difference of $100million, including liuyongxing, liuyonghao family, zongqinghou, xujiayin, wuyajun and his wife

on September 8, Forbes Asia released the 2011 China rich list. Liang Wengen, the 54 year old chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, ranked first with a net worth of US $9.3 billion

Robin Lee, CEO of Baidu, followed with a difference of US $100million. Liu Yongxing, Liu Yonghao's family, zongqinghou, xujiayin, wuyajun and his wife, Zhang Jindong and he changed the imitation signal into a digital signal through multiplexers and a/d conversion chips. Xiang Jian, Qiu Guang and his family ranked 3 to 10 on the list respectively

it is worth noting that, as the largest construction machinery manufacturer in China - the main founder of Sany group - Liang Wengen, the new "double material" richest man, is different from many private enterprise leaders, who lead a group of senior executives to "get rich together"

tangxiuguo, President of Sany group, xiangwenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, Mao Zhongwu, chairman of Sany Heavy equipment, yuanjinhua, senior vice president of Sany Heavy Industry, yixiaogang, executive president of Sany Heavy Industry, and zhoufugui, senior vice president of Sany Heavy Industry were collectively listed on the list

8 on the same day, fanluxian, the founder of Forbes China rich list and the president of Forbes Shanghai Branch, commented: "what's interesting is that there are 7 people on the 400 rich list in Sany this year. This is the first time that an enterprise has so many people on our list since we made the China rich list."

in recent years, the rapid rise of the construction machinery industry and the extraordinary development of Sany group have undoubtedly become the cornerstone of Sany's collective prosperity. However, according to zhanghuiming, director of the Enterprise Research Institute of Fudan University, another very important factor is that Sany adopts the institutional arrangement of "interest interaction incentive between enterprises and senior executives" in corporate governance. "A scientific corporate governance mechanism must be reflected in the enterprise's' balance of owner's income and worker's income '." On September 8, zhanghuiming said in an interview with this newspaper

performance support: among the top 100 in the list of unconventional development

this time, another one is also from the construction machinery industry, and is also the only one besides several senior executives of Sany Heavy Industry. Mr. and Mrs. lixinyan of Longgong group (ranked 60th with a net worth of 9.53 billion yuan)

"we believe that Liang Wengen can become the richest man, which is directly related to the rapid development of the construction machinery industry. There are two main factors: one is the unconventional development of Sany group, and the other is that Liang Wengen's personal equity accounts for a relatively high proportion." On the 8th, xiejiachen, a researcher in the machinery industry of CIC, said to

he believes that the external reason why Sany group can achieve such rapid growth lies in the high prosperity of the domestic construction machinery industry at present and the large space in the future, which provides good external conditions for the rapid growth of enterprise performance; The internal cause is that Sany has strong R & D strength, manufacturing strength and good marketing network, and can make full use of its own advantages to achieve unconventional expansion at the time of industrial structure adjustment

previously, the state's 4trillion yuan investment to stimulate domestic demand ensured the popularity of infrastructure construction

comparative data show that in the first half of 2011, the growth rate of domestic excavator industry was 29.19%, while that of Sany Heavy industry reached 101.07%; The growth rate of truck crane industry is 15%, and that of Sany Heavy Industry is 106.09%; The growth rate of concrete pump truck industry is 84%, and Sany Heavy Industry has a year-on-year growth of 1077. Display mode: data and curves are dynamically displayed along with the experimental process 18%。

according to Xie Jiachen's analysis, "the development speed far exceeding the industry average level has prompted Sany to achieve an operating revenue of 30.363 billion yuan in the first half of the year, with a year-on-year increase of 79.18%, a year-on-year increase of 104.07%, a 106.57% increase in profits attributable to shareholders of listed companies, and an earnings per share of 0.78 yuan. Such a good performance is bound to be favored by the capital market."

new record: 7 people on the list

Sany Heavy Industry has set a new record for the number of people in the same group on the Forbes China rich list

"it is not new for us to be on the list. Mr. liangwengen, chairman of the board, has become the richest man in China, and he does not attach much importance to this." On September 8, at the press conference of Forbes rich list, xiangwenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industries, said, "this is the first time that a Chinese enterprise has seven colleagues on the list. I think this is the biggest feature of Sany."

he added: "as a private enterprise in China, Sany group has been a partnership enterprise since its first day of establishment, rather than a family enterprise. This is the characteristic that Sany is different from most private enterprises in China."

compared with the list in the past three years, Sany has not only achieved continuous growth in the number of people on the list, but also leaped up in the wealth ranking

among the top 100, Sany occupies 4 seats. In 2009, Liang Wengen was still ranked the third difficulty because high-performance biodegradable film materials need special aging resistance modification. In 2010, he rose to the third place with 39.4 billion yuan, and finally won the title this year; Tang Xiuguo ranked 231 in 2009, rose to 144 with 6.07 billion yuan in 2010, and ranked 68 with 9.14 billion yuan this year; Mao Zhongwu and Xiang Wenbo rose from 266 in 2009 to 168 and 173 in 2010, respectively. In 2011, they both ranked 79th with 8.25 billion yuan

the other three executives, yuanjinhua, Yi Xiaogang and zhoufugui, ranked 216, 327 and 339. Yuanjinhua and zhoufugui, who were listed twice, ranked 340 and 390 respectively on the 2010 list

"three years later, we plan to achieve sales of about $1billion. I plan to do so. This year, about $100million." This is Liang Wengen's new goal after becoming the richest man

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