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People's Beijing, June 25 (Lu Qian) how to speed up 5g business and deepen the innovation and development of industrial interconnection? On June 23, China Industrial interconnection Research Institute held a seminar to exchange ideas with communication operators, Internet enterprises, traditional manufacturers, etc

the central economic work conference listed promoting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry as the first of the seven major tasks of this year, and clearly proposed to increase the technological transformation and equipment upgrading of the manufacturing industry, speed up the pace of 5g business, and speed up the construction of new infrastructure such as artificial intelligence, industrial interconnection and IOT. Xuxiaolan, President of China Industrial interconnection Research Institute, said at the seminar that 5g time sensitive network technology, "Zhao Yu said that high frequency and multi antenna technology, network slicing technology and edge computing technology will become key enabling technologies to drive the vigorous development of industrial interconnection, and industrial interconnection will become the main battlefield of 5g commerce

5g technical features meet the needs of industrial interconnection

5g has been initially deployed and applied in consumer interconnection, but in the view of insiders, 5g will be more vigorously applied in industrial interconnection. As a new generation of mobile communication technology, the object of 5g service has changed from connecting people to connecting 28 (5) 04057014180 d=4a connecting people and objects, and even the comprehensive interconnection of man, machine and objects. In xuxiaolan's view, 5g technology has the characteristics of high speed, large bandwidth, low delay and high reliability, which is precisely for the needs of industrial interconnection for connection diversity, performance difference and communication diversity

xuxiaolan disclosed that in the investigation of several head communication equipment manufacturers at the beginning of this year, enterprises have reached a certain consensus on the future application scenarios of 5g. The first is car service and the second is industrial interconnection. The application of 5g technology in these two aspects has become increasingly clear and mature

tangxiongyan, chief scientist of China Unicom Research Institute and chief architect of Intelligent Network Center, said that 5g's advantages in reliability and mobility make it possible to replace the wired and WiFi networks widely used in the current industry. The characteristics of large bandwidth, low delay and edge computing are directly related to industrial vision, AR and VR in intelligent manufacturing

duyeqing, head of Huawei 5g Industrial Development Department and vice president of 5g industrial line, also believes that through 5g technology connection, data collection and analysis, real-time equipment operation information can be obtained, and finally the effect of quality improvement, efficiency increase and cost reduction can be achieved

pilot 5g+ in the future, the new energy automobile industry will still maintain rapid growth. Machine vision or take the lead in the implementation of the chemical reaction between

5g and industrial interconnection is no longer a piece of paper. The integrated application and innovative development of the two have entered the pilot stage in many industries, such as chemical industry, mechanical testing of the compressive strength of raw materials such as concrete, cement mortar, and clay, machinery, steam turbine, aircraft manufacturing, and electric power

Zhang Dong, director of the industrial interconnection innovation and development center of the government, enterprise and business department of Chinatelecom, introduced the 5g pilot of an auto parts enterprise. By deploying 5g in its factory workshop, the handling robot AGV in the workshop was connected to the 5g network with low time delay, so that the overall handling efficiency of individual workshops was increased by 500 tons per day, and the efficiency of a single AGV was increased by 5%; In addition, the failure rate of machine tool equipment connected to 5g network is reduced by 4% and the comprehensive production efficiency is increased by 3%

in another case, a cement enterprise was faced with the management problem of many branches and wide distribution. Chinatelecom adopted 5g+ machine vision analysis and 5g+mec+supos industrial operating system and other solutions to lay the foundation for the analysis and mining of industrial big data, build an interconnected intelligent factory in the cement industry, increase the equipment utilization by about 20% and reduce the unit product cost by 10%~20%

China is a large consumer electronics manufacturing country. There are many quality inspection links in the manufacturing process of consumer electronics. At present, it is dominated by pure labor or expensive imported equipment. With 5g with large bandwidth and low delay, the whole quality inspection process can be changed through 5g+ai+ machine vision. This is a point where 5g+ machine vision can be implemented in industry. Chenyurong, vice president of China Mobile Shanghai Industrial Research Institute, also said

there are still four contradictions in the cost problem to be solved.

although the pilot is optimistic, there are still challenges in the large-scale deployment. Xuxiaolan said that at present, the cross-border integration of 5g and industrial interconnection is not sufficient, the application scenarios of 5g in industry are still fragmented, and the business models of all parties in the market are not clear enough

she suggested that we should strengthen the cross-border cooperation and supply-demand connection between 5g and industrial interconnection, carry out 5g business pilot and demonstration in key areas, and actively explore new business models that are open and win-win

according to chenyurong, vice president of China Mobile Shanghai Industrial Research Institute, 5g business also faces four major contradictions: first, the contradiction between tight time and heavy tasks. At present, it takes less than one year from standard to commercial deployment, while 4G takes five years; Second, the contradiction between maturity and high expectations. Standards, industries and terminals are still some time away from maturity; Third, there is a contradiction between investment and income. The cost of 5g base stations and power consumption is about 3.5 to 4 times that of 4G. Operators need to explore business models while making investment; Fourth, the contradiction between traffic surge and Teng frequency

regarding the cost issue, duyeqing, director of Huawei 5g Industrial Development Department and vice president of 5g industrial line, mentioned that only after 5g is greatly applied in the operator network can the overall network cost and terminal cost be gradually reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to experiment as soon as possible and accumulate experience

he also mentioned that among the various roles of industrial interconnection in the future, operators, equipment manufacturers and manufacturers are all strong, but the suppliers of machine vision, AR, VR and other applications are not so strong. He suggested that we should support and share platforms and experiences as soon as possible

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