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On August 7, the Chinese government issued an announcement, announcing the bid winning results of the third batch of special instrument procurement projects (Project No.: 17cnic-) of the China Institute for food and drug control

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it can be seen from the announcement that 1.5 million tons will be reached in 2020. The bidding announcement was released on July 7, 2017, and the bid winning results were released on August 7, 2017. The biggest obstacles to the total bid winning are: 1) progress of process progress; 2) Capital landing speed; 3) Amount of policy support: 29.72657 million yuan (RMB)

the details of the bid winning are as follows:

it is worth noting that in the bid winning results, there are less than three bidders whose test load and quality meet the bidding documents due to "the fact that the four guarantees 14, 19, 25 and 28 are gradually approaching, and the bid will be rejected." Subsequently, the Chinese Academy of inspection issued a new bidding announcement, inviting bids for a total of 8 sets of products for the four guarantees, including liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, ultra micro spectrophotometer, etc., with a budget of 5.44 million yuan. The details are as follows:

it has the functions of equivalent point titration identification and end-point titration identification and determination, and can also realize the function of direct determination of ion concentration (non MV reading)

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