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The "5R" principle of green and environmental friendly wooden case packaging

[China Packaging News] in today's world, more and more people begin to attach importance to the concept of green and environmental protection, and more and more industries begin to advocate environmental protection packaging. Under the advocacy of the idea of green environmental protection, the environmental protection alliance has also put forward the corresponding 5R principle for wooden case packaging. They require:

1 Package lightweight (reduce)

refers to minimizing the use of packaging materials under the condition of meeting various functional conditions. According to China packaging, the experts' strength test on corrugated board shows that if the quantity of corrugated base paper is increased because they require us to add 1g/m2 to the visual effect of glass, the quantity of corrugated board can be reduced by 1g/m2. Therefore, using this method in the production process of corrugated board can realize the lightweight of packaging

2. This kind of nano wave filter membrane is a synthetic substitute of glass plate fiber media material. The material can be recycled (return)

refers to the recycling, reuse and processing of used packaging products into new packaging products. Chinese packaging experts pointed out that at present, there has been a certain development in the recycling technology of wood packaging materials

3. The sensitivity of material reuse detection largely depends on the location of the metal. Reuse

refers to the recycling of all or part of the used wooden box packaging products, and it is not easy to give up the reusable packaging products, so as to reduce the production of packaging products. The environmental protection packaging and distribution service is to use the above materials to transport the printer sent by the customer for repair. When the product is delivered to the customer, the packaging box is brought back by the distribution personnel for reuse. In addition, when the company adopts wood packing cases for large output machines for recycling, it will recycle the wood packing cases according to the time required by customers

4. Material recyclability (recycle)

refers to the recycling and reprocessing of used packaging products, so that they can be used in different fields. As there are a series of problems in the recycling technology of composite materials, businesses began to use some packaging materials made of single materials, which are conducive to recycling, in order to realize the recycling of materials. At present, a kind of pure polyester beverage bottle without high-density polyethylene base has appeared in the market, and pulp molding packaging can be used to replace some traditional plastic products that are difficult to degrade

5. Refusal to use non ecological materials (refuse)

refers to refusal to use packaging products that are not conducive to ecological development or can cause the spread of diseases and pests. In terms of packaging materials, some developed countries, as importers, prohibit or restrict some packaging products (wooden cases, straw bags, etc.) made of original packaging materials and some recycled packaging materials in the process of researching and exploring new materials, new processes, new technologies and new structures.

China Packaging believes that the 5R principle is the product of China's continuous economic development. With the increasing frequency of import and export trade, The demand for wooden packing cases is also increasing. Only by adhering to the "5R" principle and developing the recycling of wooden packing cases can we ensure the continuous and rapid economic development

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