7 key points of the hottest paint construction

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7 key points of coating construction, 7 key points of coating construction let you step by step

7 key points of coating construction let you step by step -- the wall is clean and beautiful without cracking

June 17, 2019

water based exterior wall paint: large series of stone like paint -- sand in water, marble in water, granite in water, rock color paint, real stone paint, sand glue paint, rock slice, colorful paint, textured paint, sand wall paint, straw paint, heat insulation, stone like paint, etc; Exterior wall emulsion paint includes general exterior wall emulsion paint, elastic exterior wall paint, elastic exterior wall brushed paint, thermal insulation exterior wall paint; Water based exterior wall fluorocarbon paint, metal fluorocarbon paint, etc....

water based interior wall paint: environmental protection home emulsion paint, clean flavor emulsion paint, double effect white wall paint, anti formaldehyde emulsion paint, three in one wall paint, five in one full effect clean flavor wall paint, lotus leaf antifouling wall paint, anion emulsion paint, etc; In addition, there are wall art paint, art texture paint, metal colorful paint, etc.

the above are collectively referred to as "paint", and they are also water-based

seven key points of coating construction make you step by step --- the wall is clean and beautiful without cracking

1. Can exterior wall paint be used for interior wall

the exterior wall continues to implement the monetary easing policy. The performance requirements of the coating are higher than those of the interior wall. The exterior wall coating can be used for the interior wall. Because the price of exterior wall coating is higher than that of interior wall coating, it is not used by general consumers. However, sometimes the requirements for interior wall coating are more stringent or there are special requirements, exterior wall coating can be used, such as bathroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc. to make it more magnificent

2. Interior wall coatings are not generally used for exterior walls

water based interior wall coatings are composed of water, lotion, pigments and fillers, metal powder, mica powder, additives, etc. the difference between interior wall coatings and exterior wall coatings is that they have different environmental resistance. Generally speaking, outdoor coatings need to have certain resistance to wind, frost, rain, snow, sunshine, etc. (water resistance, alkali resistance, UV resistance, frost resistance, fade resistance, pollution resistance, etc.). Therefore, one of the ingredients in the formula is to prevent the experimental machine from exceeding the experimental range and damaging the equipment. The requirements for raw materials are higher than those for interior wall coatings. The environment experienced by the general interior wall coating is more mild than that of the external wall, so the general interior wall coating cannot be used for the external wall

3. Why are there requirements for wall humidity and wall curing period before painting

the wall is wet. On the one hand, the water in the cement or mortar that has just been constructed has not completely disappeared. On the other hand, the humidity is too high because the environment is too wet or it rains. The wall surface that is too wet will affect the adhesion of the coating surface, cause blistering, cracking and fading of the coating surface, and promote the breeding of mold. In addition, in the process of water evaporation and drying, the salt and alkali of the wall will seep out and accumulate on the surface, which will damage the surface of the coating with a total investment of 300million yuan and fade the color. Therefore, the humidity of the wall before construction is limited to less than 6%

there shall be a curing period of at least 28 days after the cement wall is formed and the mortar is plastered, so that the cement can be completely solidified, the size is stable, the alkali exudes from the wall and is cleaned before painting

4. Why should surface treatment be carried out? What surface treatment methods are available

no matter how good the coating is, if there is no sufficient and appropriate surface treatment in advance, the resulting coating surface will not be perfect in performance and benefit. The surface treatment varies with different substrates, but the purpose is the same, that is, to give a dry and stable substrate

surface treatment methods: high pressure water washing, grinding, temperature control, required substrate maintenance period, peeling, pickling, solvent degreasing, sawing, sandblasting, repair, etc

5. Can water-based interior wall coatings with high viscosity be sprayed directly

the water-based interior wall coating with high viscosity can be directly sprayed without air without dilution or a small amount of dilution, and the effect is good. If air spraying is used, the water-based interior wall coating must be diluted to the corresponding viscosity, because the viscosity of the water-based interior wall coating is different with different spray guns and different air pressures. The water-based interior wall coating requires a large spray rate and a large spray range

6. How to select painting tools? What problems should be paid attention to when using new brush and new bristle brush

according to the size and nature of the painted surface and paint 1. Tensile strength test of thermal insulation materials (jgj144 ⑵ 004 technical specification for exterior wall external thermal insulation engineering); Materials: different hard brush and brush are selected. Flat hard brush shall be used for primer and ready mixed paint; Flat brush with thin bristles and good elasticity shall be selected for painting varnish; The elasticity and strength of bristle brush are greater than that of row pen, which is suitable for painting with high viscosity

when a new hard brush is used, before painting, the hard brush should be placed on No. 1 sandpaper, and the head of the brush should be sanded back and forth to make the brush smooth and smooth, then dip a small amount of paint on the surface of the old object, and brush back and forth several times to make the floating hair fall off, so as to ensure that the brush hair is not easy to fall off when brushing

when using a new row pen, in order to reduce hair loss, you should first move it back and forth with your fingers before using it to make the wool that is not glued fall out, then soak it with hot water, smooth the pen head, wrap it with paper, and let it dry by itself

7. Why is it better to paint the water-based interior wall paint more than twice

the water-based interior wall coating is brushed twice mainly to achieve its due covering power and coating surface performance. Because the covering power and surface performance of the coating have a certain relationship with the thickness of the coating surface, in order to achieve the best decoration and protection effect, it is best to brush the water-based interior wall coating twice. The premise is that the construction shall be carried out according to the substrate treatment and dilution ratio required in the instructions

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