The development of new retail seamless welded door

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It is noted that with the further deepening of consumption promotion, the "new retail" form of online and offline integration has become the development trend in the future, and its requirement is accurate and scene based experience service. The required e-commerce channels and physical retail enterprises cooperate with each other to timely understand users' consumption needs through big data. As for doors and windows, there is still much room for improvement in many aspects; The strong rise of e-commerce has also brought more challenges to the development of seamless welded door and window franchise brands. In the era of Internet, how to seize this opportunity if the joining brand of seamless welded doors and windows wants to break the bottleneck of development

first, products are "young". When some brands promote online products, they usually choose products that are more young and cost-effective. This is based on the consumer groups formed by large shopping malls. Most of the consumers who buy products on shopping websites are young and middle-aged. They have a more youthful aesthetic and pay more attention to the concave and convex of cost performance

second, cooperating with internet home decoration highlights its value. More and more enterprises have initially entered all home furnishing occupations. As a new business combination, many enterprises have gradually moved from being unfamiliar to understanding. There are also many consumers who initially understand and accept this form of business. Under such market cultivation, all seamless welded door and window franchised brands will move towards a fast track

third, energy conservation and environmental protection will always be the constant theme of the door and window industry. With the progress of people's life and death level, more and more people initially pay attention to health, and energy conservation and environmental protection have gradually become an important selling point of the whole profession. In addition to seeking fashionable changes in planning style, many brand products pay more attention to the applicability of energy conservation and environmental protection

with the rapid development of the Internet, for the franchised brands of seamless welded doors and windows, it is not a question of whether to choose e-commerce, but how to choose e-commerce, so as to ensure the increase of online benefits and not affect the sales of physical stores and the implementation of brands

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