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Affected by prices and inflation, the price of decoration and building materials will rise slightly after the beginning of each year, and the overall cost of decoration will also rise accordingly. Maybe the quotation of building materials, furniture and decoration you checked at the end of last year is no longer applicable this year. Then, what is the decoration quotation in 2017? Please see the 2017 home decoration quotation details compiled by Wuhan Decoration network

detailed quotation list of home decoration in 2017

the case analyzed today is a 90 square meter three bedroom, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom on the west coast of poly qingneng, which is a compact house

first of all, let's take a look at the brands of building materials. Wires use Feihe brand, water pipes use Tianli pipe, latex paint is Dufang, plates use bunny, weak current use Akihabara, gypsum board is Taishan, putty powder use unibond, waterproof use Dongfang Yuhong. We can see that basically, they are big brands with guaranteed quality. Let's take a look at the decoration budget of each region





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