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In today's economic globalization, economic development has become a trend, and the door and window industry is no exception. The most obvious thing is to attract investment for doors and windows. Every door and window manufacturer makes money by attracting investment for doors and windows. Whether it's making doors and windows or aluminum alloy doors and windows, it's very exciting to talk about hype. So is it profitable to attract investment for doors and windows? Before discussing the investment attraction of doors and windows, let's take a look at the door and window market. With the spread of door and window culture, more and more families use all kinds of doors and windows. The door and window market is also booming under this impact, and the birth of various major brands is springing up

what is the relationship between brand and door and window investment? Obviously, today is a market with great brand effect. Like food, children all know Wahaha. This is brand effect. Of course, franchisees here will naturally enter a misunderstanding, that is, the bigger the brand, the better. The larger the brand, the greater the popularity, which is correct, but in fact, the larger the brand, the greater the market saturation. When there are multiple franchise stores in a city, you should not only compete with other brands, but also with your own brand. Therefore, it is relatively easy to choose brands with slightly lower popularity

back to the topic, is it really profitable to attract investment in doors and windows? The answer is yes. The door and window market is still on the rise, and the price of doors and windows is also constantly fluctuating. First of all, you need to locate your city. Not all brands are suitable for your city. Compared with big cities, brands with lower popularity are more suitable for third tier cities. At the same time, we also need to locate doors and windows, solid wood doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows. There are many types. Some dealers will choose to make only one type, and many of them are well done. However, the market demand itself is relatively variable, so many big brand doors and windows will also have many types. Of course, brand selection, store selection and so on are all very particular, so I won't repeat them here one by one

attracting investment for doors and windows is a deep topic. I believe everyone who knows it will have some opinions on it. What the author of anbery doors and windows said is not absolute. Our society itself is dialectical. Whether we make money or not still needs the cooperation of various actions. We can't just look at the door and window investment brand or the door and window price





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