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When it comes to wooden doors, I believe many people are familiar with it. The first choice is to talk about the classification of wooden doors! Wood doors are generally divided into solid wood doors, raw wood doors, solid wood composite doors, etc. when purchasing, consider the needs of home. It is best to choose solid solid wood doors or solid wood composite doors for indoor doors, which is natural, healthy and environmental friendly. As a brand enterprise that has been engaged in the wooden door industry for more than ten years, tree life interprets wooden doors for you

in addition to paying attention to the material and environmental protection performance, we also need to choose wooden doors according to the actual situation of the home. Different spaces and different decoration styles have corresponding matching skills

the first color is door selection: in home decoration, there are generally main colors. When choosing a door, you should also choose the matching color of the wooden door according to the main color of the home. For example, for white home, you can choose black walnut door. Black and white complement each other

second, choose the door: general home decoration styles include: Chinese, European, simple, mixed and classic, etc. If the home is decorated in European style, the wooden door should preferably choose European style or a more similar simple style, such as the carved wooden door corresponding to the European style porch mirror. Such collocation highlights the beauty and unity of home furnishings

third, choose the door in the space: generally, the living room and bedroom door will choose the full solid wood door with high safety performance and integrated massiness, and most of them adopt the opposite leaf type and flat open type door. The kitchen and bathroom can choose push-pull or folding door type. However, the storage room can choose the louvered wooden door with good ventilation

choose the door according to the environment: choose the door suitable for your home according to the home environment. For example, the kitchen door must be waterproof and well sealed, so as to assemble the lampblack generated during cooking. Bathroom doors pay attention to privacy and waterproof. The bedroom door needs a door with good sound insulation effect

the above experience of tree life is obtained from more than ten years of wind and rain. There are many interpretations of wooden doors in addition to the above. Whether it's original design, meticulous craft production, or later flower case carving, it's very professional. Tree ・ life, tree says healthy life





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