62 people killed in the crash of the hottest Dubai

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On March 19, in Rostov, Russia, a Dubai Airlines passenger plane crashed while trying to land, killing all 62 people on board. The picture shows the staff of the Russian Ministry of emergency environment working at the scene of the crash. Xinhua News Agency issued the Beijing News (Yan Yingzhuan) in the early morning of the 19th local time, a Boeing 737 from Dubai to Rostov on the roston River crashed, killing all 62 people on board. The Chinese Embassy in Russia began to verify that there were no Chinese nationals on the plane

removing the hackable attack can

the crashed airliner belongs to flydubai, the model is Boeing, and the flight number is fz981. The passenger plane left Dubai at 9:45 p.m. on the 18th, and was originally intended to arrive at Rostov on the Don river at 1:20 a.m. local time on the 19th. There are 62 people on the plane. There are mainly two types of tension measuring and recording devices for the tensile testing machine: mechanical instrument type and sensor type. There are 55 passengers and 7 crew members

according to the Russian media, the plane failed to land successfully at Rostov airport on the donhe river for the first time, and circled in the waiting area above the airport for 2 hours and 9 minutes before the second test landing. The plane crashed during the second attempt to land, and a fire broke out at the scene of the crash

some people from the Russian air traffic control revealed that the initial information showed that the plane crashed about 50 to 100 meters to the left of the runway

a source from the emergency environment department of Russia said that according to the initial judgment, the plane scratched in the air at the end of the second attempt to land

at present, search and rescue personnel have found the black box of the crashed plane at the crash site. The Russian inquiry and visit Committee said that the two major speculation notices can be classified as wrong remuneration or technical problems. The Russian Ministry of emergency and environment pointed out that it is possible to remove the terrorist attacks

all 62 people on board were killed due to the

accident. According to the data provided by Dubai airlines, among the 55 passengers, there were 44 Russians, 8 Ukrainians, 2 Indians and 1 Uzbek. Among the 7 crew members, two are from Spain, one is from Greece, and the other four are from Russia, Colombia, Kazakhstan and Seychelles

the Chinese Embassy in Russia verified with the Russian authorities on the 19th and began to confirm that there were no Chinese nationals among the passengers of the crashed airliner in Russia that day

after the incident, Rostov airport on the Don river has been closed. Dubai airlines, which owns the aircraft, also issued a statement saying that they knew that the fz981 flight had been in trouble and were currently stopping to check the details

Dubai Airlines is a cheap airline headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was established in March2008 and funded by Emirates Airlines. The company has 50 aircraft. According to the company official, they strive to supply "affordable air flight"

After the incident, Boeing also said that it was ready to provide technical assistance at any time

what kind of climate does the aircraft encounter when trying to land

the visibility of the storm was low

according to Russian media reports, when the accident occurred, the local sky was raining heavily, accompanied by the storm, and the visibility was low. Rostov local officials on the Don River told the media: "based on the current information, it is inferred that the crash was caused by a strong wind close to the tornado."

Zhang Qihuai, a famous aviation performance expert, introduced that low visibility is the biggest potential safety hazard and obstacle in the process of aviation flight. Rostov on the roston river is easily affected by the despicable climate when flying or landing due to geographical and climatic reasons

Zhang Qihuai explained that there are three reasons for the sudden change of climate: first, thunderstorm, which will move the thunderstorm area with the change of wind, requires us to avoid or fly around when designing flight routes; The second is advection fog. The advection fog is as thin as a veil. It can be seen clearly from below, but the visibility is completely lost or extremely poor from the front. If the aircraft enters advection fog, it is very risky; The third climate notice is wind shear. When the aircraft lands, it is necessary to modify the crosswind. If the wind direction and speed change suddenly, the aircraft will lose balance or things

how high is the probability of pilots' misoperation in the accident

or the forced landing judgment is wrong

in addition to the climate, the pilot's wrong operation is also a major cause of the air crash

Zhang Qihuai explained that, from the main premise, some airports are equipped with blind landing equipment, which can take the initiative to navigate and land, but some airports are not equipped with such equipment

Zhang Qihuai said that according to known information, the plane crashed during approach, which is very similar to the Yichun air crash. Approach is the process of aiming at the runway when the aircraft lands. The pilot inspects the runway, determines the altitude, and aims at the runway to prepare for landing. At the time of determining the altitude, if the pilot does not visually observe the runway, he will ask the pilot to go around immediately or alternate to other surrounding airports. In the Yichun air crash, although the pilots visually inspected the runway above, they fell behind in the advection fog at the determined altitude, and the visually inspected runway suddenly disappeared, resulting in an aircraft crash

Zhang Qihuai thought that in this air crash, most of the pilots did not make a go around decision during the second approach, nor did they go to the surrounding airport for alternate landing, and finally chose to make a forced landing to form an air crash. This is the result of the pilot's failure to make the right decision under the control of the master in a despicable climate. Premier Li Keqiang also pointed out that there was not enough to win

does the air crash mean that cheap airlines are not safe

Dubai airlines' Enron rating is high

this air crash reminds people of the air crash of German wing Airlines last year and the crash of Asian airlines' qz8501 airliner into the sea at the end of 2014. These companies are all cheap airlines. Does this mean that cheap airlines are more unsafe

industry experts say that whether the air ticket is cheap or not has no definite contact with whether the Yimin airliner is Enron. Low cost means that the operating cost of airlines is lower than that of ordinary airlines. The Enron standard and Enron criterion of aviation flight are applicable to all airlines. Low cost will not lead to low Enron

some people doubted that the cheap airlines did not use the aircraft edge to form sufficient maintenance and repair time, and the crew would be decadent. However, from the past data, there is no evidence that the occurrence rate of cheap airlines is higher than that of traditional airlines. From 2009 to 2014, AirAsia was rated as "the best low-cost airline in the world" for six years

according to the Beijing News, this air crash was the first air crash of Dubai Airlines since its establishment. In the rating of international independent airlines with a full score of 7 stars, Dubai Airlines won 6 stars

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